Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services in Bay Area


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What Do We Offer?

Our swimming pool demolition service includes:

  • Contacting Dig Alert (all utility locators) 

  • Pumping the water from pool and spa

  • Drafting and opening all permits

  • Preparing any recommendations, covenants, or Fire Ant Reports (as required by some Cities)

  • Capping utilities at the source

  • Scheduling all City/County inspections

  • Removal and backfill of the pool along with providing a stamped Geotechnical Engineers Report to the City and the owners when required,

  • Always provide final inspection from each City/County.

Partial demolition:

This is the least expensive option and involves breaking the borders of the pool and punching drainage holes at bottom of pool. The remaining shell of the pool gets buried on-site. This method does not allow you to build anything structural in the area – i.e., ADUs, garages, etc.

Full Demolition:

Completely remove the pool. With this option a geotechnical engineer will oversee the backfill and compaction process, and the area will be suitable for future structural builds.

Before and After

Pool Demoliton 1
Pool Demoltion before and after

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