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A solid foundation is required for any residential and commercial project to begin. Whether the site needs to be cleared before excavation begins or the site is already ready to begin digging, Royal Demolition is an experienced Excavation Contractor in Bay Area. We begin with careful planning and preparation, and are able to follow plans when doing any size earthmoving job.

Utility Trenching

Upgrading an electrical circuit? Need to run utilities to a new ADU, shed or garage? Trenching is always required to accomplish any of these tasks. Digging by hand sometimes is almost impossible due to existing hard top surfaces such as concrete, pavers, or dirt. Hiring a professional to accomplish this task can save you a lot of headache. Our team have the appropriate machinery and manpower to dig and backfill any size trench. Give us a call today!

Pier Drilling

Structural plans often calls for deep piers when building the foundation of a new commercial or residential structure in unstable grounds. Drilling foundation piers requires specialized augers, drill bits, and machinery to get the job done. Royal Demolition owns the machinery and drilling accessories to drill piers up to 30′ deep. We have been helping contractors and homeowners Drill Piers in Bay Area for over 20 years! Contact us for a free quote if your project requires drilling piers. rea.


A level ground is essential for any new construction or hardscape project to begin. Royal Demolition specializes in grading for any size job. We utilize the help of lasers and follow plans to achieve the desired elevation that’s needed. Our fleet of heavy machinery can grade any jobsite. Whether you’re looking to grade your backyard to a specific level/slope or building a new structure, Royal Demolition offers efficient grading services in Bay Area.

Backfill & Compaction

Backfill is the process of refilling areas that was excavated or to fill areas to prepare the ground for new projects to kickoff. Backfilling materials can be the native soil or imported materials such as baserock and sand. We have the trucks and means to import/export any quantity of materials you need. In addition to backfilling, we can also compact the areas to achieve the maximum stability that’s required for any projects. Whether you’re looking to backfill a trench or need to achieve a certain percentage of compaction as dictated by a soils engineer, our team offer the backfill and compaction services throughout the bay area.

Dirt Removal

f you have a pile of fill dirt you can't get rid of call us today! to book a no obligation dirt removal estimate. Removing dirt can be exhausting and back breaking but not for us. Our dirt removal team will gladly pick up any gravel or dirt you have excavated so that you can get your project back into action.

Bobcat Services

Offering Affordable Bobcat services for the entire SF Bay Area, Peninsula and South Bay, incredibly versatile, with attachments, serving as an excavator & backhoe, great for trenching and drilling for foundations and retainer walls, breaking and removing concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls and constructions or foundations.

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No job is too big or small for us. We provide all types of demolition services. Our experience and know-how allow us to work by taking all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of all parties involved.