Commercial & Residential Trench Digging Service

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French Drains Trench

Do you need to dig a trench for installing your French drainage? We can help you. CALL NOW 415-910-4217

Utility Trenching

Upgrading an electrical circuit? Need to run utilities to a new ADU, shed or garage? Trenching is always required to accomplish any of these tasks. Digging by hand sometimes is almost impossible due to existing hard top surfaces such as concrete, pavers, or dirt. Hiring a professional to accomplish this task can save you a lot of headache. Our team have the appropriate machinery and manpower to dig and backfill any size trench. Give us a call today!

Trenching for Sewer Lines

Just like any type of water line trenching, there’s also going to be a need for sewer line trenching for efficient removal of sewage across the property. Quick access to sewer lines for maintenance need to be considered and each utility needs to be buried accordingly with provisions for environmental protection.

HVAC Piping And Gas

Trenches will also need to be installed for natural and propane gas which are used throughout homes and commercial properties. The trenching for these types of utilities need to protect these pipes from environmental damage and ensure that the gases can be pumped efficiently underground.

Retaining Walls And Foundation Footing

A solid foundation is required for any residential and commercial project to begin. Whether the site needs to be cleared before excavation begins or the site is already ready to begin digging, Royal Demolition is an experienced Excavation Contractor in Bay Area. We begin with careful planning and preparation, and are able to follow plans when doing any size earthmoving job.

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